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17 July 2010

I won't do update in this blog anymore. Keep blooging, though, so you guys keep reading my posts ya! Critics and comments are very welcome.

Thank you and see you guys!

I'm Sick

12 July 2010

Can you imagine, spending your long holiday laying on bed and eating porridge three times in a row? And the porridge was really plain, no other taste except from thesoysauce you added. Well, that's how i spent my Sunday. I had totally ruined my cooking time at temple.

It was me and my auntie, vhee, who was asked to cook lunch at temple this week. She prepared lo tahu and cah kacang panjang, so i decided to cook kripik kentang balado and kuah lobak. Oke, everything was going allright, on Sat day i sliced the potatoes, and Mom did the rest. Vhee too, she has no cooking skill (as her Mom told us) so he Mom, who was coming back from Bandung late at night had to lo the tofu at midnight.

Sunday morning, i felt horrible, my throat, my head, my leg, my stomach, none of them are okay. My head kept spinning around. It hurt so much. So, Mom asked me to stay at home. Let her do the cooking. I did. I slept for a whole day, untill they were coming home, we watched KBS together.

Today, as i feel a lot better, i tried to online (you know what, my eyes hurt when i tried to online yesterday). But still, the liquid keep flowing from my nose. My right ankle still hurt somehow. This is terrible.

My bones are painful. I afraid im suffering from dengue fever or typhoid, or even both of them, please God..

Last night, i slept at 9 and woke up at 1 a.m just because i felt extremely cold. I went down, took my sweater, my socks, and mittens. I slept again then i was awaken at 7.30 in the morning, found my sweater under my legs, my socks under my pillow and mittens on the floor. But of course, i still found my pyjamas in my body. Lol.

And one more thing, i cant describe how does my hair look like, i havent wash them since 3 days ago because of high fever.. Looks like lion, or what?

In My Spare Time

08 July 2010

Im doing nothing else, but spending my spare time with useless things. I'll show you how..
Below are my works, i do design, so far are interior design, thought i'm a graphic design student. Well, both of them are design, and we have to enlarge our knowledge, am i wrong?

My pico ID : Myeon Sa
My pico room : Heavenly Blush
My room concept : Modern Japanese room

My Baking Life bakery
Concept : unfinished, so far is fresh baked and cheerful
bakery, with orange, green and eggshell colours.

And these are the details in my Pet Society house. But, first, let me introduce my pet to you. Readers, this is Ongiji. Ongiji, these are my readers.
Ongiji-kun is 100% female. It was my cat's name, which was male. I made this character as a female pet, but i want to named her Ongiji as an award for being such a lovely pet for me. Actually, -kun is the way we call boy in Japan, I think ongiji ended with -kun is cute. So, here it is, a cat girl called Ongiji-KUN.

First, this is a contemporer room with Japanese style. I add my trophies here, just so you know about my achievement. Lol.

This is my playroom, Im saving coins just to buy those play house. I got same parts twice or more and I gave them as gifts to my sis.

This is where i cook my meals and sell it. I never feed my pet because he will never die without food, instead, i feed my pet's petlings. I got 2 cats, a dog, a lion, and a deer. For some reasons, i let my petlings lost and im not even trying to find them.

A room with pink, lovely scents and there you go! Ongiji-kun was ready for a sat-night party. I love the old-pink-car. It was cute when Ongiji drove the car.

A wedding room, and Ongiji-kun in her wedding dress. The groom will never come. Imagining Ongiji is singing "25 minutes" by MLTR. LOL!! The waterfall is not the parts, but it was quite something to fill the emptyness of the room.

My suddenly-designed bathroom. I have no bathroom at first, but when i want to post this, i think it will be a little weird, considering a house without a bathroom. The funny thing is there are 3 lil poops, i have no idea where did those dirts come from, but they paly a good role as a complemantary in a bathroom.

This room was a-whatever-things-room. Goods i got by helping friends, or by digging the cave, i place them all here. The fish tank, the Easter-egg-cabinet, the sofas, and the planetarium objects. I have no idea how to decorate them.

Fairytale land, and Ongiji has wings! This is cute, but the fontain hasn't working since i got not enough help from my friends.. The air-baloon was cute, unfortunately it wasn't designed to be gotten on.

I bought the ticket and got this prizes. Safari theme. I dont like it so much, but Ongiji can sit on the ostrich. So cute!!

Finally, my garden. These trees are my treasure, since i earn money by selling the fruits growth by them. Left-to-right : orange, coconut, banana, snowy cherry, easter egg, snowy cherry, valentine cherry, chestnut, cupcake. The mailbox is able to be open, but of course, there will be 'tno one sending mail to Ongiji.. There are no postman here!

Well, it has been 2 days since i had fever, i think God really heard what i said last two days, about how if i got sick and then i had to control my meal so i dont eat oily stuff then i will lose a few pounds. I feel like i'm suffering the disease i had 2 years ago, disease which took me to hospital. Sigh..

I want to be slim :( But it just not the way, i still want to eat cakes and cookies..

Good Night Snack

07 July 2010

Okay, it's 9.30 late at night, i was walking home with Mom and sis from FoThang. I passed the road full of food, then these words slipped out from my lips,

"Mak, mau martabak coklat kacang keju?"

My Mom just played her eyebrow and shoulder, meant it's all up to me. Well, i thought quite a time, then i decided to walk straight to home, when suddenly i turned around and say, "Sekali-sekali gak papalah.."

Well, i made a promised to myself since first day in July, i have to go on a serious diet. It was all because Mom bought me a jegging, she went to Two Mangoes *halah* and made a phone call to me.

Mom : "An, kamu mau ga ini legging jeans? Mama lagi nemu nih.."
Me : "Mau mau.. Yang warna mudaan ya, yg gelap udah banyak."
Mom : "Ukurannya apa?"
Me : "Kalau ga 27 ya 28 gitu, Keknya c sekarang udah 28, Ma.."
Mom : "Pake legging kan jelek kalau kendor, 27 ajalah ya ya.. Entar juga melar."
Me : "Yauda terserah.."

Mom went home and i tried that jegging happily when i finally said the words I heard almost everyday on Cougar Town TVC, "What the hell is that? Crap!!" I felt like my thighs were being clamped tightly. My stomach was too big for that jeggings. Shit! I quickly put off that things and tried to breath normally.

Since then, I ensured myself, I need to lose few pounds. Well, i asked Mom to buy Quaker Oats, cause you know what? When i was sick and only allowed to eat Oats, i was only 44 kg. Now im 50 (or maybe 51) kg. I was used to wear jeans number 26, now i need 28 or 29 one. GOD! I just can't controlled my mouth. I ate almost everything in front of my eyes, and when there is nothing in front of my eyes, i make it there. Anything, i search anywhere. That's the problem..

Okay, back to the jeggings. After days going on an oat-diet, today, my Dad was going to Mangdu, and he offered to change my jegging with the bigger one. Of course its a good news. So, this afternoon, i got the 29-jeggings. But still, i look bad in jeggings, my legs are craps, my calf, my thighs, everything was so wrong in jeggings for me.

I stopped the stupid diet today. I ate 2 pieces of martabak, very delicious. Yet oily! But i'm happy. That's me. Mouth comes first, diet is number two!

Okay, late at nite. Tomorrow morning i have to wake up earlier, got a date with my Mom to pasar.. It's 10:46 p.m. now, I'm Angel reporting to you from my desk. Good nite everyone. Have a sweet-sour dream.

P.s : My sis came to see me writting this post. I told her, im writting about the legging. She's talking to herself about how to mentione leggings that made from jeans. She said, "Apa thu namanya? Hmmm.. Oooooh.. JeLeg, Jeans Legging.."

Saturday Noon

03 July 2010

Well, i am a fake vegetarian. These few weeks, I keep betraying myself, eating meal that contains something forbidden for me. It's because of my greedyness (am i right with the spelling?). Mouth comes first, brain think later. Once the food already on process, either in my mouth or my belly, i just found out,

"Is that food okay for me?"
[Vegetable Teppanyaki]
"Ouch! There's slice of chicken here! Shiiiit!"
[special requested : Bakmie]
"Mom, how about if this martabak keju contains Wisman?"
[as written, martabak keju]
"Ooo ow! The pie contain lard "
[Tau Sa Pia, i found lard as piggy fat on Google]
"Okay, i know this ain't good, but i can't help eating this frozen yoghurt!!!!"
[Blackberry froyo with toppings : strawberry, peach, almond]

Today, i went to Taman Anggrek Mall, as usual and i think i need to buy some shares *hulahula*, hanging out with my besties, Sarah and De'fanny. I was inviting Kerry too, his busy and couldn't join us today. Well, Yuli and Maria also couldn't come. The three of us, walked around, up and down, right to left, just to find out where to have lunch.

First choice, Noodle Cafe. I asked about the vegetarian menu, they say nothing beside fried rice. Im avoiding fried rice for reasons i myself dont know. In my mind, i would rather fry my own rice, adding corn, mushroom, anything else than just to eat fried rice which he said fried with eggs and vegetables only. Eeeeeuuuuuhhhh, boring! I saw the hanging banner, Durian Fried Rice. I was about to order that one, but i cancel it, thinking how would it taste, rice combined with durian and then being fried. My godness!

Second, food court. BIG NO! I didn't want Gado-Gado anymore. Enough! Small portion, big price. Hah!! And it was too salty..

Then we went to Ajisen, i ate bean sprout teppanyaki as always and will never been changed. This one was VERY VERY salty. I swear, this is the 3rd aor 4th time i eat here, and it tastes the same, very salty.

Nothing to do, our feet took us to Red Mango. There, we took photographs, ate things i shouldn't eat. This is serious, anybody knows whether frozen yoghurt contains things called 'gelatin sapi' or not? The problem is i really love this food. Love it love it love it!!!

Waiting for photo taggings from Sarah to be posted here.
Here the are!

The Monster of Eating

30 June 2010

Well, it's holiday. Because this is holiday, my cousin from Bandung wanted to spend his holiday at Jakarta, specifically in my home. The only reason to coma here is to play online game in 'warnet' in front of my house. Speddy at his home broke quite something, they called telkom for almost everyday, everycall ended with a "oke, nanti kita akan perbaiki" but none of them come to fixed it. He was so frustated and decided to came here, Jakarta.

I knew his arrival at my house by his voice calling for my dad, "Kucaaaaaaang". I opened the door and let him come in just when i found a security man was there too, asking the dogs for stop barking. No wonder there were lots of barking just a moment ago. I thanked him, the security man, for helpng my cousin.

My cousin, from now on i'll call him Tom, got into my house, asking for water and told us the story.

Thomas itu tadi habis beli soto, masuk yang pintu gerbang kecil itu. Mau belok kog kayaknya salah, jadi Thomas jalan aja terus. Udah mentok, Thomas belok. Lho kok udah lapangan, ini berarti Thomas kelewatan, jadi Thomas belok ke sini. Pas liat itu yang tiduran kucing apa anjing, mereka bangun liatin Thomas. Pas Thomas balik badan, mereka lari ngejer Thomas. Langsung Thomas ngibrit. Untung ada hansip itu yang temenin Thomas pulang. Ditanya, mau ke rumah siapa, Thomas gag tau lagi nama Kucang, Thomas bilang, nga tau, taunya nama anaknya. Angel. Si hansipnya ga tau juga, jadi temenin Thomas jalan aja sampe rumah.

For your information, he was just about to enter the first year in senior high school, but his body is twice mine. He's tall and fat and big and large, anyway, you would think he is a brave boy. Then i asked him, why must he affraid of those 2 stupid dogs that will run away when u try to scare them?

BECAUSE! Thomas kan pernah digigit anjing dolo, ga mau lagi lha..

Well, since that day, everytime he's going to go to the warnet, he will asked me to take him there, and when he's coming home he will make a phonecall, asking me to pick him up. On 1 day, he surprides us by doing a thing that we never think he would do it. He went home, from the warnet, bringing us a box of martabak keju. What a sweet guy? My Mom and me can't stop admiring him, i mean he was just a little boy, right? Of course, he bought sate for hisself.

Holiday means eat more, work less. Im going to be fat as fat as my cousin since i cant remember how much i had my meal in a day. I ate koko crunch, rice with scrambled eggs, noodles, gado-gado, CHEESECAKE that was brought from Bandung, i ate many more things that i cant even remember them one by one. Damn!

the bluberry cheesecake, i love to eat this

Yesterday, me, Mom, Sis, and Big Tom were going to watch Karate Kid, a bit late. The movie is good, very good, Chan wasn't the guy who loves to joke, he's a desperate husband. But Smith has lighten his days. I found that the kid named Chen looks like my sis' friend.

the girl looks a lot like my friend's friend, Yelna..
but actually, in this pict, she's more like my friend, Vanessa.

final round, where Chen broke Dre's leg, but Dre still able to defeat Chen.

Chen, the boy looks like Cokro..

After watching it, we had some food at Gokana. Considering Tom's ability to eat like monster and Mom's natural talent of chewing chillies, we insisted them to do the challenge. Big hot spicy ramen within 15 minutes. We were sure they both can do this. I recorded the moment, but Tom asked me not to post it anywhere. So, i won't. It just for my own pleasure and family's entertainment only. Hahahaha.

The fact is, Mom did well in less thean 10 minutes while Tom can't stop yelling like crazy, saying that he's done with that, he burnt his tongue and he's not going to finish this game. Well, Mom took his bowl, and finished it in the next 1 and half minute. Marvelous *jarjit?*

Arriving at home, me and sis switch the TV on and watched the Invincible Youth, the farewell episode. Yuri, Sunny, and Hyeona were leaving the Idol Town for their career. They were saying goodbye in teary eyes, so did us. I ended up with swollen eyes and headache.

Another surprised came from Park Yong Ha. The actor was found dead in Seoul Nonhyundong in this morning, hanging lifeless from a cell phone charging cable at his own house. According to police, Park Yong Ha was discovered dead at around 5:30 AM by his mother. The cause of death is likely suicide. Why must a good-looking, good-career, good-wealth, good-health (i mean he had a normal body, almost perfect) young guy ended up like this, with a cell phone charging cable??? Im wondering, what cell phone he was using that had a strong charging cable so it can be used as a suicide property.. WOW! May you rest in peace.

Toys Story

26 June 2010

Two days after my last exams, i went to watch movies with my friends, and i took my sister with me so she's not lonely at home. My mom went to Bandung, her ritual when the maid insist to go back to her village. So, i took the morning class with my two students, i went home in a rush and be there at Taman Anggrek right when te movie was about to start.

The best entertaining part was when Buzz dancing like carzy in Spainish Mode. LOL. Very funny! But i cried a lot for this movie, especially the last part, when Andy gave his toys to Bonnie. He was so sad when Bonnie asked for Woody. I wiped my eyes hundreds times.

Just after that, we all feel hungry and we decided to look for sushi, as Dona's wish. Hachi Hachi was the best choice since they serves vegetarian sushi. Yummy!

a small treat for myself, i dont know what was this cake called, but it tasted quite good.

Me : mbak, ini yang PAY 2 FOR 1 ya?
Waiter : hah?
Me : hah?
Waiter : pokoknya ini yang Buy 1 get 1 free..

As i realize, it must be : PAY 1 FOR 2! Stupid me
Then i went home in a hurry, thinking that i might be late for meeting with client for our next project. And that night, i swore i had 2 sucks phonecalls. Those made me missed my GAGA episode. Glee, i meant.
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